Free Portrait Contests

I recently ran a contest on Facebook for a free portrait of one's choice. All you had to do was share the post and like my page. It got a great response, so I plan on doing more in the future.

The lucky winner this time was Jane, who wanted her picture drawn with her alltime favourite singer, George Michael. I really enjoyed doing this one and both myself and Jane were very pleased with how it came out. I love doing these celebrity 'You and Your Idol' portraits, as I think they bring a bit of magic into people's lives. In some way, I think it makes some dreams come true, being able to be pictured with someone you so greatly admire who you may never meet. This series has been a lot of fun and I plan on continuing with it for a long time to come. Here is the drawing:

As mentioned, I plan on running more free portrait contests on both Twitter and Facebook, so to get a chance to win yours make sure you follow me on Twitter and also like / follow my page on Facebook.

Good luck!

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